Ballet is renowned for its elegance. IDA strives to maintain professionalism, but above, below and around that – we insist on respect from and for every person that walks through our sunny studio doors.

Students will respect teachers and will ask to attend the bathroom, get a drink or any other non-dance related activity.

There will be no insults, put-downs, or denigrating speech towards any person, whether they are part of the academy or not. Bullying and discrimination will not be tolerated under any circumstances.

Teachers will treat students with fairness, allowing them to be seen and heard, giving proper individual attention.

Teachers will always ask for consent before making physical contact with any student.

Both students and teachers will attend class with proper focus and attitude. Students causing a disturbance will be asked to sit out until they are ready to join in again.

Non-adult students (age-appropriately) will raise their hand and wait to be invited to speak by the teacher. There is always time for friendly chatting during specific parts of class, but it is strictly at the teacher’s discretion, not the students’.


When possible, students are required to arrive to be on the floor and ready to dance at the start of their class times. If at all possible, at least 10 to 15 minutes early from Foundations and above to limber and warm-up in preparation for class. This is important for students to safely commence and get the most out of their class.


Please enter the studio quietly and chat quietly with your friends if there is a class on when you arrive.

Please keep our space neat and tidy. Please refrain from walking on the dance floor with regular shoes.


Parents are not permitted to watch class (except for previously arranged special occasions). Parents, family and friends will have the opportunity to watch classes at Parents’ Day at the end of each term; and, at the annual concert. This is important to help students maintain focus on their dancing and give them the feeling of attending their own activity.


While it is most unlikely to happen, students who display continued inappropriate behaviour will  receive a notice to leave the school without refund. This, of course, is extremely unlikely to happen,