Term Fees

Due Friday week 1 of each term.


Require full payment upfront.

Due Dates

If a payment plan is not in place BEFORE the due date, students are not able to participate in any classes until payment has been made. This also prevents the payee from accruing large debts.

Late Payment

Late payment in the absence of a payment plan arranged before the due date, will incur a 20% late fee. The late fee period will stand until the fees are 6 weeks late. After the 6 week period, the matter will be moved to a debt collection agency.

Payment Plans

Please be sure to arrange payment plans before the Due Date. We understand that life can be uncertain and are committed to working together with families and students.

Debt Collection

A debt collection agency will be used for Fees 6 weeks outstanding


  • No refunds for classes already taken

  • No refunds for Annual Registration/New Students fees

  • Granted due to prolonged sickness / injury

  • Granted due to unreasonable travel due to moving house  (ride exceeds an hour)

  • May be granted under special or other extenuating circumstances of a serious nature.